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Urban Southwest (USW), headquartered in Houston, and Dallas, TX, is an owner, investor, and manager specializing in value-add multifamily properties that can be purchased at significant discounts to replacement cost. It focuses on selected Sunbelt markets where strong economic and market fundamentals continue to offer opportunities for outstanding yields and returns. The firm was founded in 2007 by Principals Julian Blum and Ben Weil, Previously, Messrs. Blum and Weil were partners in the firm of Americo Real Estate. Founded in 1997, Americo specialized in the redevelopment of multi-tenant industrial throughout the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex.


The multifamily rental sector has led the U.S. real estate recovery the last four years and continues to provide the best returns of any real estate asset class. Urban Southwest’s investment strategy is to focus on low-risk investments in apartment properties that produce cash flow going-in, but offer opportunities to “add value” through a combination of investing in interior/exterior upgrades, realizing operating efficiencies and more effectively managing the properties. Urban Southwest has a proven track record of achieving excellent results with this strategy and these types of properties.