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A Conservative Approach to Underwriting


With a combined 60 years in the commercial real estate, the Principals of Urban Southwest have experienced every market cycle since 1980. Preservation of capital is always our first concern. Therefore, we focus on conservative transactions that offer low risk, yet the potential for very attractive returns. Our acquisitions offer profit potential through refurbishment, implementing changes to operations, improving the tenancy, installing new management, and strict cost-cutting measures.


Urban Southwest’s team of professionals spend considerable time and effort on undertaking a thorough and comprehensive evaluation and due diligence of each and every transaction. External advisors are then brought in to back-up assumptions and findings in key areas such as the budget, insurance, utility cost, property taxes, and building code compliance. The result is a conservative underwriting of the transaction in which Investors, Lender, and Principals can all be confident. Upon reaching stabilization, Urban Southwest determines the most opportune time to sell or refinance the asset, generally realizing very attractive returns for Investors.


We offer a variety of multifamily investment opportunities to qualified investors (Accredited Investors) through periodic private investment offerings. Please fill out the Information Request below to be added to our Mailing List and receive additional information.

Proven Track Record


Multifamily Portfolio Performance

Acquired 32 Properties

Total of  6346 units

Total Cost of over $222 million

Sold 17 Properties

Total of 3,874 units

Average return over 100%


Commercial Portfolio Performance

Acquired 25 properties

Total of 2.9 million SF

Total cost of over $157 million

Average return of 84%

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